Dublin Arms

Black Dodder

The Dodder is the river that flows through Ballsbridge in Dublin.

(by Mick Fitzgerald)

Oh springtime it comes; with the rain in the morning
And the swans changing plume -- scattered reeds blowing;
And I a mere stranger, I chanced without knowing
On the song of the black Dodder flowing;

CHORUS: Oh, spring rushes on and leaves you;
And trees will be green while they stand
For seasons are only a verse in your song
That you hold for a while in your hand.

She moves like a woman that's easy and free
A woman the secrets well hidden from me;
And bridges and houses keep growing; keep growing;
Soon they'll bow to the black Dodder flowing;

I stood for a while but she turned for the sea,
Saw the wind reach and touch her, before turning to me;
And I walked along with her without ever knowing
The song of the black Dodder flowing.

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