Dublin Arms

The Cruise of the Calaber

Arthur Griffith

Come all ye dry-land sailors bold and listen to my song.
It's only 40 verses long and I won't detain you long.
'Tis all about the adventures of a bold young Irish Tar
Who sailed as a man before the mast on the good ship Calabar.

Now the captain was a strappin youth his height was four foot-two
His nose was red and his eyes was black arid his hair was a Prussian blue.
He wore a leather medal that he won in the Crimee war
And his wife was passenger, mate and cook on the good ship Calabar.

Well we sailed away with a favouring breeze, the weather was sublime
But just in the straits of Rialto Bridge where you can't pass two at a time
Another craft ran into us which gave us a serious check
It stove in the starboard paddle-wheel box and destroyed the hurricane deck.

Now when huggin' the shore of Inchicore, very dangerous part
We ran aground on a lump of coal that wasn't marked on the chart,
And to save ourselves from sinking and to save each precious life
We threw the main deck overboard along with the captain's wife.

Then all became confusion while the stormy winds did blow
The bo'sun slipped on an orange peel and fell into the hold below.
The captain cried "'Tis a pirate's rig and on us she does gain
And the next time I sail for Clondal kin boys, I'll bloody sure go by train!"

So we got our ammunition out for to meet the coming foe
Our cutlasses and boarding pikes and Gatlin' guns also,
"Put on full steam," the captain cried, "For we are sorely pressed"
But the engineer from the bank replied "The oul' horse is doing his best."

Oh thick and fast the heroes fell, in torrents the blood was spilt
Great numbers were falling before they were hit to make sure that they wouldn't be kilt.
And at last when the pirate surrendered her flat, the crew being all on their backs
We found that she was a sister ship with a cargo of cobblers' wax.

Now the ship is in the marine stores now and the crew in the county jail
And I'm the only survivor left to tell of the terrible tale
But if I could release that ship I'd sail her off afar
And an Admirable be of the bloomin' fleet on the fighting Calabar.

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