Dublin Arms

Courting in the Kitchen

	     G                                   D
	Come single bell and beau, unto me pay attention
	      G                           C              D 
	Don't ever fall in love, it's the devil's own invention
	For once I fell in love with a maiden so bewitching
	              C   G    Am                          D
	Miss Henrietta Bell out of Captain Kelly's kitchen

	        G                                 D
	With me toora loora la and me toora loora laddie
	       G                     D           G
	And me toora loora la and me toora loora laddie

	At the age of seventeen I was 'prenticed to a grocer
	Not far from Stephen's Green where Miss Henri' used to go sir
	Her manners were sublime and she set me heart a-twitchin'
	When she invited me to a hooley in the kitchen

	Oh, next Sunday bein' the day that we were to have the flare-up
	I dressed meself quite gay and I frizzed and oiled me hair up 
	The Captain had no wife and he had gone a-fishing
	And we kicked up high life down below stairs in the kitchen


	With her arm around me waist, she slyly hinted marriage
	To the door in dreadful haste came Captain Kelly's carriage
	Her eyes were full of hate and poison she was spittin'
	When the Captain at the door walked right into the kitchen


	When the Captain came downstairs, though he saw me situation
	In despite of all me prayers I was marched off to the station
	For me he'd take no bail, but to get home I was itchin'
	And I had to tell the tale, how I came into the kitchen


	Now, I said she did invite me, but she gave a flat denial
	For assault she did indict me, and I was sent for trial
	She swore I robbed the house and inspite of all her schreechin'
	And I got six months hard for me courtin' in the kitchen


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