Anne Devlin

Anne Devlin

Pete St John

In Dublin town they sing of a brave Wicklow woman
Of her troubles and her times in cruel Kilmainham Jail
All the way from Butterfield Lane Anne Devlin was her name
A friend to Robert Emmett she served his cause in vain

Lo lie lo Liffey keep on flowin'
And it's lo lie lo Anne your legend's growin'

Not torture or the bribe could sway Anne Devlin's purpose
Three years of lonely hell in solitary shame
How proud Emmett met his fate on the scaffold of the tyrant
She saw her family passin' like poor lilies in the storm


In 1851 Anne Devlin met her maker
But her story's with us still as a lesson for the wise
Not poverty or fear can kill the heart of freedom
Anne Devlin was a servant to the spirit of our land

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