Dublin Arms

The Dublin Rambler

Oh, I come from around by Beggar's Bush and they call me the Dublin rambler
Cause I'm never round for very long, sure, I'm always on the go
But there's one thing that I love all right, is a pint with lads on a Sunday night
I once spent awhile in London, but soon came back to Dublin
Sang around the pubs in Liverpool, I wanted to come home

Did you ever stroll down Capel Street late on a summer's morning
Drop into Slatt's for a pint of stout, then on down to Quay
A carry-out to Kilmainham and back by the new Royal Hospital
While the T.D.'s in their new suits are often to be seen


Have ever been to Dollymount and gazed out to the ocean
Where the Bailey and the Hill of Hope are a wondrous sight to see
Take a ramble through St. Anne's Estate and by Fairview's park and gate
Watch the young lads playing football and climbing in the trees


Well I often go to Stephens Green for a walk among the gardens
Or to kill an hour or two I'll stop for a tune down Merrion Row
And the evening out on the town it's the chipper for the one on one
With the T.D.'s in their evening suits, it's not the place to go


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