Dublin Arms

Dublin Bay

Transcribed from the sheet music at the Levy collection.

Stanley Murphy, 1915

1. Michael Shea he marched away, with the Dublin Fusiliers.
And he left the town in cheers, but he left his girl in tears.
But in the rattle of the battle, Michael stood the test,
And he won a sergeant's uniform, and a medal on his chest.
He got a two months' furlough, and he started on his way,
His Irish eyes a-dancin' as the boys all heard him say:

CHORUS: Goodbye! I'm on my way to dear old Dublin Bay.
That's why I'm feelin' gay, for oh! I know sweet Molly-O,
My colleen fair to see, is waitin' there for me,
Her heart with love a-bubble-in', on Dublin Bay.

2. Michael Shea reached Dublin Bay when the spring was in the air
And he found his colleen fair, and he hugged her like a bear.
He took her down to Dublin town and Father John Malloy
Tied a double-in knot right on the spot for Molly and her boy.
Then on an Irish jaunting car beside her bold gossoon,
She learned to sing this chorus by the risin' o' the moon:

Dublin Bay

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