Dublin you live in my heart

(Ian Campbell)

I was havin' a jar in O'Donoghue's Bar
When it came to my mind I'd be better by far
If I'd something to do, so I signed on the brew
The roads o'er the water are waiting for tar

And it's Dublin you're breakin' my heart
It's the leavin' that tears me apart
It's good-bye to the Mot and the dear family too
To the lads that I ran with and fought as I grew
And the craic in the bars and the cronies I knew
Dublin you're breakin' my heart

I went down to the Quay and I boarded the boat
And I waved to the crowd with a lump in my throat
With no work in my trade, I'd to take up the spade
I've a living to make so I shouldered my coat

I've toiled for the English and for Scots too
Took any old job that I though I could do
And each week from me pay, a few quid for the rain
And a few bob sent home just to help them get through


Now the good days are over, the work is all done
There's a lady in charge with a heart like a stone
When I ask for a start they say, 'Can't, have a heart'
'There's no work for our own, you'd be better at home'


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