Girls of Dublin Town (Gals of Dublin Town)

This shanty is based on a real ship, the Shanandoah, captained by "Shotgun" Murphy.

Now ‘twas of a famous Yankee ship, to New York we was bound,
And our captain being an Irishman belonging to Dublin town
And when he gazes on the land, that town of high renown,
Oh, it’s break away the green burgee and the harp without the crown

Hurrah! Hurrah! For the girls of Dublin town,
Hurrah for the bonny green flag, and the harp without the crown!

‘Twas on the seventeenth of March we arrived in New York Bay,
Our Captain being an Irishman, must celebrate the day.
With the stars and stripes way high aloft and fluttering all around,
But underneath his monkey-gaff flew the harp without the crown (Chorus)

Now we’re bound for ‘Frisco, boys, and things are running wild,
The officers and men dead drunk, around the decks they pile.
But by tomorrow morning, boys, we’ll work without a frown,
For aboard the saucy “Shenandoah” flies the harp without the crown! (Chorus)

Sometimes we’re bound for Liverpool, sometimes we’re bound for France,
But now we’re bound for Dublin town to give the gals a chance.
Sometimes we’re bound for furrin’ parts, sometimes we’re bound for home,
A Johnny’s always at his best wherever he may roam. (Chorus)

Sometimes the weather’s fine an’ fair, sometimes it’s darn well foul,
Sometimes it blows a Cape Horn gale that freezes up yer soul.
Sometimes we work as hard as hell, sometimes our grub it stinks,
Enough to make a sojer curse, or make a bishop blink. (Chorus)

Sometimes we wisht we’d never joined, sometimes we’d like ta be
A-drinkin’ in a pub, me boys, a gal sat on each knee.
Sometimes we are a happy crowd, sometimes we’ll sing a song,
Sometimes we wish we’d never been born, but we do not grouse for long. (Chorus)

An’ when the voyage is all done, an’ we go away on shore,
We’ll spend our money on the gals, an’ go to sea for more! (Chorus x2)

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