Ye Men of Sweet Liberties Hall

By Zozimus (Michael Moran). The Liberties are on the south side of Dublin city. The Liberties Boys were a gang set up to protect the weavers who lived in and around the Liberties.

Oh ye men of sweet Liberties Hall,
And ye women all round the Coombe
On ye weavers we must call
To sustain ev'ry shuttle and loom
Bring your silks and your satins and tweeds
And your tabinets all in their prime
Oh bring them forth perfect with speed
As you did in our parliament's time.

Let us sing of the Coombe and each street
Long before the vile Union was known.
When the lords and the nobles did meet
And around us a glory had thrown.
Then high were Newmarket and Court
The Chambers, The Poddle, The Manor
Where thousands each day did resort
Placing trade on the Liberties banner.

Sing Brown Street and Sweet Warrenmount
Faddle Alley and then me oul Blackpits
Which hear from me their full account
And where I have made my best hits.
There is Cork Street and Mill Street and John Street
With their various alleys and lanes
With Marrowbone Lane ever sweet
Where strong water got ever more reigns.

Sing the streets of Ardee, Meath and Dean,
Thomas, Francis and dear Ashe of old
With her chapels and schools which retain
Oh a spirit unbroken and bold.
Then up with the fringes once more
And let Erin have justice and joys
Free trade and home rule restore
And the rights of the Liberty boys.

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