Seal of Dundalk

Dear Dundalk

How are things back home, in my old town Dundalk
Do the trees still grow down Demesne Walk
Is the Maid of Erin still waiting at the Square
Do the paper boys still sell their papers there
From Kelly's Monument the bus goes to Blackrock
There we spent our days while others worked on the docks
If my friends you chanced to meet, when you stroll Clanbrassil Street
Tell them I'm dreaming of Ireland and dear Dundalk

Does Cuchullain's Mount still overlook the town
There I used to walk my old girlfriend around
Where the bay is met by river Castletown
Stands Helena's Park, the children's old playground
On the metal bridge as kids we used to play
Where the trains crossed over to Gyle's Quay
Oh our names we'd write in chalk, when on the bridge we'd walk
Oh yes those were the days in dear Dundalk

Written by Des Wilson.

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"Dear Dundalk"

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