Old Dundalk

Election Ballad of 1826

Air: Nancy Dawson (Here we go round the mulberry bush)

It is believed that the popularity of this ballad actually carried the election, with the people's choice Dawson carrying a large majority of the vote over the opposition's Tory candidate.

Up! Sons of Louth, your strength display,
Curb bigot zeal, and party sway-
For equal rights your votes array,
And plumpers give to Dawson.

No longer bow the slavish knee-
Nor sigh in vain for Liberty,
The Man of Men elect-be free!!
By plumping all for Dawson

What has your God made light to shine,
On but a few of Adam's line?
No-Partial laws are not divine,
Huzza! Huzza for Dawson.

Who hails this day with heart and hand,
To harmonize his native land,
And discord hurl from Erin's Strand
A loud Huzza for Dawson.

Whose souls enobling grand design,
Is that our conscience should recline,
Beneath Emancipation's vine,
Success! Success to Dawson.

Then rouse my boys, your strength display,
Curb bigot zeal and party sway-
For equal rights your votes array-
Give plumpers all to Dawson.

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