County Louth GAA

All Ireland Final 1957

Air: The Mountains of Mourne
By Nicholas Craven

As we drove to Croke Park the final to see,
Our friend Dan O'Hanlon says "listen to me",
"Look out for the Louth boys for I'm telling you,
They'll win this All Ireland its long over-due,
The experts all say we are on the small side,
But the small man can humble the big fellows pride,
And with Louth's fighting spirit between you and me,
We could topple the giants from the Banks of the Lee."

And Hurrah! for the Wee County Champions to-night,
And the trainer who brought them out fit for the fight,
May the youths coming up follow on in their wake,
To win further honours for the wee County's sake,
And as we grow older and sit round the fire,
The children will listen and never once tire,
To the All Ireland final when Louth won the day,
And the name of each man and the place he did play.

Now we're here in Croke Park and the ball's thrown in,
Sure I felt from that moment the Louth boys would win,
They were first in the air, they were first on the ground,
From goal-line to goal-line each player was sound,
Two grand sporting teams out there do their might,
To bring home the honours to their County to-night,
In the years that do come they will never forget,
They'll be heroes to children unborn as yet.

Tom Conlon that stonewall may he never die,
Pat Smith through the game gave the experts the lie,
Sean Flood in the goal was a real living wire,
But 'twas Meehan who pulled the game out of the fire,
When Cork got that free, sure my heart got a pain,
I thought that our efforts had all been vain,
But when Meehan burst out with that ball it is said,
Every Cork man in Croke Park that moment was red!

O'Neill and Beahan out there at mid-field,
To their giant opponents not a chance would they yield,
But an experts opinion I must say was poor,
For he gave them no chance against Ryan and Moore,
The forward line everywhere worked like one man,
With O'Donnell and Roe at the head of the band,
They all did their share but we must not forget,
When Cunningham tapped the ball into the net.

This song was collected by Pat Hillen and Tom Kindlon from the singing of Jemmy Dowdall

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