Old Dundalk

Liberty's Battle

An election ballad, appealing to the voters to support a certain O'Reilly over the over the opposing "Roden" party. The Roden family were big landlords in and around Dundalk, whose seat was at Milltown Grange. It appears to date from the time of King William IV.

Come bravest men let's voice freedom,
Ours is a glorious cause,
Remember you were captives bleeding
Under bloody penal laws.

Vive Ia, you brave Electors,
Do your duty manfully,
O'Reilly ably will protect
Vive Ia you must be free.

Now's the time you long have wished for
Now ends your long captivity
Come arouse, you can't be crushed,
For break your bonds, and you'll be free.

The Jocelyn Saints long oppressed you
Chase them with disgrace away,
Don't kiss the hand that has distressed you
Come rouse and you will get fair play.

Don't sell your country and religion,
To the men who'd butcher you,
Chapel ground they would not give you
The bloody swaddler we'll subdue.

Here's to O'Reilly now or never
He'll pull the bloody peelers down,
He'll make the stall-fed parsons shiver,
And chase oppression from the town.

Roden now may preach sedition,
To his yellow-belly clan
Our King won't give him his permission
For William's a liberal worthy man.

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