Castle Roche

The Rose of Ardee

Author unknown
Air: Similar to "The Johnny Jump Up"

When first to this country a stranger I came,
I placed my affections on a comely young dame,
She is neat, tall and handsome, in every degree,
She is the flower of this country and the pride of Ardee.

I courted my darling at the age of sixteen,
Her waist it was slender, her carriage genteel,
'Til at length a young weaver came her for to see,
He stole the flower of the country, and the Rose of Ardee.

My curse I would give unto any young man,
That would place his affections too much upon one,
They will sit and drink till your money is gone,
And then they're away with some other young man.

I will go to the army, a month, two or three,
And some bonny lass I will chance to see,
Still hoping hereafter to me she would prove kind,
And I will banish you, Nancy, quite out of my mind.

When I get my week's pay to the tavern I will go,
I'll call for strong liquors and drink my heart's woe,
I will call for strong liquors and this I will say,
My curse on you Nancy, you have led me astray.

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