Old Dundalk

Usurpation Conquered

An election song.

Air: "There's No Luck About The House"

And shall we get our rights again
And shall we free-men be?
Oh yes I see the dawn arise
That guides to Liberty.

These corporate tyrants well put down
Corruption and bribery
Our chains are broke, once strongly bound,
And we are now made free.

For there's great hopes for Dundalk yet,
And happiness in store,
May success attend her firmest friends,
Both now and evermore.

Come raise your voice in joyful strains,
Brave Flanagan to praise,
Whose memory we'll ne'er forget,
Until our latest days

That dauntless mind that dared come forth,
Oppression to oppose,
And rouse our slumbering breasts to wake,
And meet our hostile foes.


Yes, Marmion too, thou steady friend,
Of Dundalk's dearest rights,
Whose spirit bold in Justice cause,
No threats could e'er affright,

Your fame shall spread both far and wide
Your name shall cherished be,
Your actions honoured with applause,
E'er by Posterity.


Nor should I pass these heroes bold,
Who nobly lend their aid
In this our great and glorious cause,
As ever undismayed;

Clarke, Martin, Hill, three faithful breasts,
Opposed to tyranny,
Of honest hearts and upright minds
Detesting bigotry.


Then rouse your hearts my townsmen all,
To crush those tyrants down,
That have so long usurped our rights,
Depressed and ruined our town,

The beams of joy I see arise,
Behold the glittering ray,
Then fill your glass, I'll give a toast,
The Glorious Fifth of May.

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