This ballad relates the story of Martin Savage, an Officer of the Dublin Brigade of the IRA who was killed in an ambush at Ashtown., Co. Dublin on December 19th 1919. It is sung to the air of "The Snowy-Breasted Pearl."

[G7] Twas a [C] cold [F] December [C] day 
A [Em] lorry [Dm] ploughed its [G7]way 
'Midst [C] bullets splash and [F] play 
On [G7] Ashtown [C] Road...[F][C]
In that car a living tool 
Of England's hated rule 
There was begun a duel 
On Ashtown Road.
Young Savage, unafraid, 
With gun and hand grenade 
Attacked them undismayed, 
On Ashtown Road.
But a bullet laid him low 
From a rifle of the foe, 
That' s another debt we owe 
For Ashtown Road.
But another day shall dawn 
Like that cold December morn 
When a martyr's name was born 
On Ashtown Road.
We laid him in a grave 
Where the willows sadly wave, 
Oh! son of Erin brave, 
Farewell to thee.

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