You've [G] read in history's pages

The [C] heroes of great [G] fame

The deeds they done, the battles won

And [D] how they made their name

But the [G] boys that mad the history

For the [C] orange, white and [G] green

Were the [C] boys who died in [G] Dublin Town

In [D] nineteen [G] sixteen



So meet the boys from Kerry

And meet the boys form Clare

From Dublin, Wicklow, Donegal

And the boys of old Kildare

Some came from a land beyond the sea

From Boston and New York

But the boys who beat the Black and Tans

Were the boys from the County Cork


Now Cork gave us Mick Sweeney

A martyr for to die

And Wicklow gave us Dwyer

In days so long gone by

And Dublin gave us Padraig Pearse

McBride and Cathal Brugha

And America gave us de Valera

To lead old Ireland through