Connolly Was There

[to the tune of Brennan On The Moor]



Well there [G] is a page in history when the [D] workers they fought [G] back

When the might of exploitation at [C] last began to [G] crack

In farm and field and factory, in [C] workshop, mine and [G] rail

A [C] flame is lit; a beacon bright; that [G] flame is burning [Em] still



And [G] Connolly was there, [D] Connolly was [G] there

 [C] Bold, brave and un[G]daunted; James [D] Connolly was [G] there.


Now William Martin Murphy and his Dublin Millionaires

Tried bribary, corruption, hypocracy and prayers

To spite the Transport Union their scats they did enlist

But all their graft was shattered by a scarlet iron fist


When the bosses tried to sweat the lads way down on Glasgow's Clyde

A voice like roaring thunder soon shook them in their stride

In Liverpool and Belfast where worker lives in Hell

But Connolly rose and gave them hope, the truth to you I tell.


Oh Irishmen the day will come when workers one and all

will rise up from their bended knee and rally to the call

Throw out the bosses tyranny and shout from shore to shore

For a working man's Republic and freedom evermore.


And Connolly will be there...