JAMES CONNOLLY - Irish Citizens Army

Larry Kirwan



[Am] Marchin' down Sackville Street with the Starry Plough on [C] high

There [Am] goes the Citizen [G] Army with their [C] fists raised in the [G] sky

[Am] Leading them is a mighty man with a mad rage in his [C] eye…



"My [Am] name is James [G] Connolly - I [C] didn't come here to [G] die

But to [C] fight for the rights of the working man and [Am] the small farmer [G] too

To [C] protect the proletariat from the [Am] bosses and their [G] screws

So [Am] hold on to your rifles, boys, don't give up your [C] dream

Of a [Am] Republic for the [G] working class, [C] economic [F] liber[C]ty."


Then Jem yelled out "Oh Citizens, this system is a curse

An English boss is a monster, An Irish one even worse

They'll never lock us out again and here is the reason why…


And now we're in the GPO with the bullets whizzin' by

With Pearse and Sean McDermott biddin' each other goodbye

Up steps our citizen leader and he roars out to the sky…


We fought them to a standstill while the flames lit up the sky

'Til a bullet pierced our leader and we gave up the fight

They shot him in Kilmainham Jail but they'll never stop his cry…