[G] Up the Republic, they [D] raise their battle cry,

[C] Pearse and Mc[G]Dermott will [C] pray for you on [D] high,

[G] Eager and ready, for [D] love of you they die

[C] Proud march the [G] soldiers of the [D] Rear[G]guard.



[G] Legion [D] of the [G] Rear[Em]guard, [C] answering [D] Ireland's [G] call,

[C] Hark their [D] martial [G] tramp is heard from [Em] Cork to [C] Done[D]gal,

[G] Tone  and [D] Emmett [G] guide [Em] you, [C] though your [D] task be [G] hard,

[C] De Vale[D]ra [G] leads you, soldiers of the [D] Legion of the [C] Rear[G]guard.


Glorious the morning, through flame and shot and shell,

Now rally Ireland, your sons who love you well

Pledged, they'll defend you, through death or prison cell

Wait for the soldiers of the Rearguard.


Crimson the roadside, the prison wall, the cave,

Proof (?) of their valour, go sleep in peace ye brave,

Comrade tread lightly, you're near a hero's grave,

Proud die the soldiers of the Rearguard.