Well you can [G] talk and write and [C] boast about your [G] Fenains and your [D] clans.

And how the boys from County Cork beat up the Black And [D7] Tans.

And [G] view a little [C] codger who came [G] out without a [D] scar

His name was Paddy Mulligan, the [D7] Man from Mullin[G]gar.



The [G] peelers chased him out of Conne[D]marra

For [G] beating up the valiant Scian O’[D]Hara.

And [C] when he came to [G] Ballymote he [Am] stole the parsons’ [G] car

And he gave it to the bishop in the [D7] town of Mullin[G]gar.

Oh, seven hundred peelers couldn’t [D] catch him!

The [G] king sent out an order for to [D] lash him!

When [C] Paddy came to [G] Dublin town he [C] stole an armoured [G] car

And he gave it to the IRA Bri[D7]gade in Mullin[G]gar.


On Easter Monday morning when the boys declared a sound

Paddy raised the flag of war down in his native town.

First he went out to make his peace with dear old Father Maher

He went out a blew the barracks up and the man from Mullingar.


And when Ireland takes her place among the nations of the world

A flag of orange, white and green to the forewinds is unfurled.

You’ll read the roll of honour and you’ll find with a marked scar –

The name of Sarsfield Mulligan, the man from Mullingar!