(Sean/Frank OíMeara)


I [G] was walking down by Islandbridge just doing as I [D] please

This [C] April day the [D] sun was warm there was but a gentle [G]breeze

I wandered up the old stone steps Into the Phoenix [D] Park

To [C] watch the children [D] laugh and play in the hours before the [G] dark

I strolled up by the monument and lay down on the ground

Then people started crying when they heard the battle sound

I donít know what came over me for a moment I could hear

The echo of a soldiers voice kept calling in my ear


[G] Meet me at the [C] pillar son meet me there at [G] noon

I need you brave young [D] Irishmen thereís [C] something we must [G] do

Meet me at the [C] pillar son it still is not too [G] late

Itís time to sing a [D] freedom song come [C] soon I cannot [G] wait

I looked around to see this man but nobody was there

In the distance I could hear the drums yet stillness filled the air

I turned around and in my dream a soldier I could see

He said his name was Padraig Pearse and he kept on calling me