The [G] sun had set with it`s [D] golden rays

And the [C] bitter [D] fight was [G] over

Our [D] brave boys sleep [C] beneath the [D] clay,

On [G] this earth they [C] are no [D] more

The moon shone over the [C] battle[D]field

Where a [G] dying [C] rebel [D] lay

His [G] arms were crossed and his [D] body stretched,

His [C] life blood [D] flowed [G] away


There were none to weep for you Sean Treacy

Or were keen in to sing in your praise

To decide your deeds like the Gaels of yore

On your face we no longer gaze

In that kingdom of love may your dear soul rest

On the word that we fervently pray

That we`ll all meet above the old friends we love

In Tipperary so far away


The soldiers of Erin bore him high

On their shoulders, they solemnly tread

And many a heart with a tearful sigh

Wept over our patriot dead

In silence they lowered him into the grave

To rest till his reckoning day

Sean Treacy who died, his home to save

In Tipperary so far away