[G] Time goes by and years roll [D] onward

[C] still in [D] memory fresh I [G] keep

of a night in Belfast [D] prison

Una[C]shamed I [D] saw men [G] weep


As the time was fast approaching

a man lay sentenced for to die

and on the second of September

he goes to meet his God on high


Now he's marching towards scaffold

head erect he shows no fear

and while standing on that scaffold

Ireland cross he holds so dear


Now the cruel blow has fallen

for Ireland he has given all

He who in the flower of manhood

proudly answered to her call


Brave Tom Williams we salute you

and we never shall forget

those who planned your brutal murder

we vow we'll make them all regret


[G] So I say to Irish [D] soldiers

[C] If on [D] Toms path you shall [G] stray

Just keep memory of that [Em] morn

When Ireland's [C] cross was proudly [D] borne

By a man who lies within a prison [C] grave…[G]