This ballad commemorates three members of the IRA who died in an attack

on a troop train at Upton Junction, County Cork, on February 15th 1921.

The men were John Whelan, Patrick O'Sullivan and Batt Foley.



Many [G] homes are filled with sorrow and with [C] sadness,

Many [D] hearts are filled with [D7] anguish and with [G] pain,

For old Ireland now she hangs her head in [C] mourning,

For the [D] men who fell at [D7] Upton for Sinn [G] Fein.


Let the moon shine tonight along the valley,

Where those lads who fought for freedom now are laid.

May they rest in peace those men who died for Ireland,

And who fell at Upton Ambush for Sinn Fein.


Some were thinking of their mothers, wives and sweethearts,

More were thinking of their dear old Irish homes

Did they think of how they drilled along the valley,

Or when they marched out from Cork city to their doom.


The morning cry rang out: "Fix your bayonets",

And right gallantly they fixed them for the fray,

Gallantly they fought and died for Ireland,

Around the lonely woods at Upton far away.