An Dord Feinne

Ashtowne Road

Ballad Of James Larkin

Banna Strand

Barrys Column

Belfast Brigade

Black And Tan Gun

Blood Stained Bandage

Boys From County Cork

Boys Of Kilmichael

The Boys of the Old Brigade

Broad Black Brimmer

Come Out Ye Black And Tans

Connolly Was There

Drumboe Martyrs

Dungannon 57

Dying Rebel

Erin Go Bragh

Erin's Flag

Foggy Dew

Four Green Fields

Free The People


Galtee Mountain Boy

Gay Galtee Mountains

Gradh Mo Chroide


Green Fields Of France

Ireland Unfree

Ireland United

Irish Soldier Boy

Irish Ways And Irish Laws

Irish Citizen Army

James Connolly

Joe Hill

Johnstons Motorcar

Kevin Barry

Legion Of The Rearguard

Man From Mullingar

Man From The Daily Mail

Meet Me At The Pillar

Men Of Easter Week

Old Fenian Gun

The Merry Ploughboy

On The One Road

Oro 'Se Do Bheatha 'Bhaile

Padraig Pearse

Patriot Game

The Recruiting Sergeant

Rifles Of The IRA

Rock On Rockall

Roger Casement

Sean South

Sean Treacy

Smashing Of The Van (Glasgow)

The Sea Around Us

They Were Soldiers Every One

Tom Williams

Tri-Coloured Ribbon

Upton Ambush

Valley Of Knockanure

Viva La Quinta Brigada

Where Is Our James Connolly?

Willie McBride

Wrap The Green Flag

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