Wet! Wet! Wet!

locker The weather was lovely all day but took a turn for the worse on our scenic coastal tour to Santry (via Portmarnock). Luckily the rain had stopped by the time we arrived and despite warnings from the people at Kart City that we would get wet, no-one realised quite how wet they meant.

We were issued with orange overalls (that's Hazel and Owen getting kitted out), but unfortunately they weren't waterproof.

Itís enough to say that everyone looked like Black and White Minstrels after the warm-up race, and every piece of clothing was thoroughly soaked by the time the races came to an end.

The winners (shown on right) on the evening were

(although Wayne claims that Kevin cheated by passing him with a Yellow Flag waving)

Also deserving special mentions were:
Emma, who was the most dangerous driver,
Elisa, who managed to crash in the pit lane and
Colin and Lyn (left), who both argued that they finished last.
And everyone else who turned up and helped make it a great nightís craic. Must remember to take a change of clothes next time

In spite of the soaking everyone seemed to enjoy the night and we even managed to persuade the mini-bus driver to drop everyone home (cos I donít think anyone would have been allowed on public transport). JJ
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