Ice Cream

Willie walked with happy heart,
A shiny quarter in his hand,
He went to buy an ice-cream cone,
A triple-decker ice-cream cone,
He marched quite gaily all alone,
Up to the ice-cream stand.

"I'd like an ice-cream cone," he said.
The waitress said "That's very nice,
But what will be your flavour please?
Just specify what flavour please.
We've thirty-six varieties.
You must be more precise!

Willie closed his eyes in thought,
And ran his fingers through his hair.
"I'd like a chocolate," he said.
"We're out of chocolate," she said.
"Would you like licorice instead,
Or apricot or pear?"

Willie blinked and scratched his head,
As he stood making up his mind.
"I'll take vanilla, then", said he.
"We've no vanilla, sir," said she.
"But we have cumquat and green pea,
And watermelon rind."

"I'll have strawberry, then," he said.
But he was starting now to worry.
The waitress spoke and said "We're out.
Since just this morning we've been out.
But we have turnip, fig and trout,
And cantaloup and curry."

He could not get a word in now,
So swiftly did the waitress speak.
"Oh, we have coconut and spice,
And pumpkin fudge (you'll find that nice)
And cabbage, mango, Spanish rice,
Potato, fish and leek."

Willie bolted from the shop,
And back the way that he had come.
As by the grocery store he sped,
He stopped to buy a loaf of bread.
He took it home with him to bed,
And ate it every crumb.

(I found this handwritten poem in the guestbook of Yenner's Restaurant in Istanbul. No idea who it's by!)

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