A Sunday in July

Dublin, July 2008

Start at 1:00 pm: Niall and Graham playing in Nash's.

Click to see a video of Graham playing my banjo.

Later, Rose singing at the Brazen Head.

Take-away from Burdock's, near Darky Kelly's.

7:00 pm: The gang at the Dame Tavern--"Rock-on Tommy" and Steven's session.

Steven with 3 Lowdens, a Taylor and a Framus banjo.

Dave with a Swedish girl singer outside the Dame Tavern.

Joe watching Declan entertain the dancers.

Afterwards, in the International Bar.

Mark, Lisa and Chris.


Lisa singing.
In the foreground, some Spanish visitors.

Carla singing, with Enda and Chris.

Joey Magic started a session outside the International.
Some passers-by joined in, also Clare supporters.

Asha doing her thing on my guitar.

Joey Magic enjoyed the evening.

Joe and Barney at a nearby sing-song.

Where we ended up at 1:00 am.

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