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sunday0-1   sunday0   sunday1
Sunday parade   Sunday afternoon... the town centre
sunday2   sunday3   sunday4
Older accordianists...   ...and younger ones   Two happy lads
sunday5 sunday6 sunday7 sunday8 sunday9
A family group Boys from Dublin
and Mayo
Boys from
Session outside
Bob Smith's pub
Inside the pub:
Ben and Yvonne
sunday10 sunday11      
Roma musicians
late Sunday
Indian restaurant:
Rosie wearing
my jacket
monday1   monday2    
Our B & B   Boats on the canal    
monday3 monday4 monday5 monday6 monday7
Monday morning
street session
The same,
only younger
Outside the
Bridge House
A hot banjo
Dancing in the
monday8   monday9   monday9
Another young group   An Uileann piper   Another hot
banjo player
  monday10 monday11 monday12 monday13
  A unique bodhrán The front
session in
Lynch's pub
"I love
diddly diddly
The back
session in
Lynch's pub
monday14 monday15 monday16 monday17  
Myself and
2 whistle-players
from Carlow
Guitarist Ken
from Dublin
A singer from Armagh 3 A.M. sing-song
in De Brúin's
tuesday1 tuesday2
A breakfast... ...sing-song


Street session: The Curtin sisters - Gretta on concertina and Catherine on flute - and Anne-Marie Fitzgerald on fiddle from Brosna, Co. Kerry. They play a selection of reels. The first tune, composed by Ed Reavy, is "The Hunter's House", and the last reel is "The Reconciliation".

Dancing (polkas)


Reels: Girls of Mount Cisco

Song: The Old Triangle


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