Trip to Hannover

May 2008

Saturday: The station was full of football fans--Hannover 96 were playing their last game of
the season, against Energie Cottbus. They won 4-0, which rounded off a good season for them.

Café Kröpke, the centre of Hannover, in the rain.

In Hannover an der Leine
Haben die Mädchen schöne Beine!

The rain eased off a bit to allow these Roma from Bulgaria to start busking.

Lustig is das Zigeunerleben...

Old-style buildings at the Marktplatz (Market-Place).

The entrance to the Market Church, further on the old Town Hall,
and across from that on the right Betty's pub--the Dublin Inn.

The Leibniz House, built in 1981. It's a copy of Leibniz's house, which was nearby,
but bombed out of existence by the RAF in October 1943, and is now a car-park.

The river Leine. Normally there's a huge flea-market here, the oldest in Germany, on both sides
of the river, but the rain put the stall-holders off. The river sometimes reminds me of a children's
rhyme about Fritz Haarmann, Hannover's most notorious serial killer. He lived nearby on the left
and dumped the bones of over twenty of his victims here in the river.

In Hannover an der Leine,
Rote Gasse Nummer acht
Wohnt der Massenmörder Haarmann
Der die Leute umgebracht.

In the old town is the Ballhofplatz, location of the Hannover State Theatre.

Traditionally-built houses across the road from the History Museum.
I wanted to visit the museum but it was closed for a private concert.

Limmerstrasse in Linden, near Lola's apartment.

In the Irish Harp pub, the group Emerald and friends.

Ralf and Leslie.

A bodhrán player from another town, "Zorny" Bode, Reiner Koehler and Astrid.

Ralf and Don

Gabi Bretscher, "Zorny" Bode and Tönnies Siut

Women's rugby, bunny rabbits, death-metal.

Sunday was a car-free day in Hannover.

The station again.

A video of Emerald playing at the Maschseefest.

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