Roger Hahn Tribute Festival
Howth, County Dublin
25 -27 June 2010

Includes photos from Annie and Henk.

Map of Howth village

Map of Howth Village.

View from the Deerpark Hotel.

Friday Evening

Andy in the Anglers' clubhouse.

Back at the Deerpark Hotel: Ronan, Gideon, Phil, Andy, Henk.

Dave Morrissey playing with Andy.


Getting set up for the Saturday session in the Anglers' Clubhouse
Mick Fitzgerald, Paul, Caroline, Henk, Andy, Linda.

A Breton watches the Anglers' filling up.

Mick Grogan, Henk, Andy and Luke playing a few tunes.

Andy singing.

Tony, Luke.


Hauke, Caroline and English visitors at a session.

Dave and daughter.

Jenny and Pat Selfe, watched by Lisa, Dave and Gerry, photographed by Victor.

Caroline with mandola.

Sue, George, Jason, Mick and Andrew listening to the singers.

Hauke at the "English" session.


Rose singing.

The session spread out a bit.

Roy, Mags.

Lisa on whistle, watched by Tony.

Lisa dancing; in foreground Gerry, Mick Fitzgerald, Nell.

Gerry on autoharp.

Lis, Ronan, Don.


More singers.

Back at the hotel, Mick Dunne and Don singing.

Henk accompanying Luke on banjo.

Naomi, Peter Grogan and Ronan's folks listening.

Naomi playing at the session.

Naomi finds a seat later Saturday night.

Claire and Hazel Underwood chatting.


Time for a little drink...

Sunday session - The Bandit of Brazil

Tony playing a waltz.


Tim, Jo Vosper and Sue Paulding at the hotel session.

Tony singing.

Finishing up the Sunday-night session.

Finishing up the Sunday-night session.

Finishing up the Sunday-night session.

Late-night session in the bar, Caroline and Sue.

Late-night session in the bar: Andrew, Hazel, Sue, Breton musicians, Gideon Barrett, Paul.

Late-night session in the bar, Naomi, Sue and Breton musicians.

Late-night session in the bar, Don singing.

Others joined in...

...and it got kinda wild.

Paul, Sue, Jo, Hazel.

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