Richard Broderick celebrates
This winter's first and only fall of snow
With a midnight rendering
Of the Bonny Bunch of Roses O

And Paddy Dineen is rising
With On Top of the Old Stone Wall.
His closed eyes respect the song.
His mind's a festival.

And now Romona lights the lips
Of swaying Davy Shea.
In a world of possibilities
This is the only way.

"Living Ghosts", by Brendan Kenneally

His face a summer morning
When the sun decides to smile
Tom Keane touches enchantment
With Charming Carrig Isle.

I've seen men in their innocence
Untroubled by right and wrong.
I close my eyes and see them
Becoming song.

All the songs are living ghosts
and long for a living voice
O may another fall of snow
Bid Broderick rejoice!

Music Venues 2007

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Nash's, February.


The apple of his eye
Niall and Johnny (RIP)

Nash's, March.

Don, Anne
Don, Anne
Johnny's family
The Girls from Mayo
The Girls from Mayo

Moira Lawson, Deco

Looking up

Frank, Johnny and friends

Other venues, March/April.

Eric Fleming and Gerry Crilly
Eric Fleming & Gerry Crilly at Connolly Books
Rosie's Farewell
Rosie's Farewell, Palace Nightclub
Spanish students
With Spanish students in Burke's
I Draw Slow, Cobblestone

I Draw Slow, Cobblestone

Foghorn String Band, Cobblestone
Liam Kennedy (centre)
Cobblestone old-time session
Tommy, Don, Micha, Ralf in the Kuriosum
Hannover, Germany

O'Donohue's (Glen of Aherlow), April.

Paul, Tony, Nora

Paul and Liam

Devitt's, April.

Chris and Jim among the audience

Des, Eilish, Eileen, Keith

Don, guitar

Don, banjo

Devitt's, May (one of the final "Poc Fada" sessions).


Niall and Joan

A guest piper


Ciarán, Peter, Eithne, Tony

Peggy, Berni

Don on banjo

Ciarán, Peter, Tony, Eileen

Keith on banjo

Guests from Norway

Cobblestone, June.

Howard from NY State

Nash's, July.

Rose chilling, Willy

Rose, Willy, Jimmy

Vincent, just before he got barred
A regular


Trish, doing something funny
with Johnnie's stick

Dunno what the joke was


Owen, Suzie, Louis (RIP)

The same


Picture of Gerry Crilly in O'Ds, Merrion Row
The Pale
Pat, Trish, Chris

October, Ryan's.


Peter--that banjo gets around!

With Scots in the Palace nightclub

A few days later, in the Duke, Duke St. (this was a loooonnng Sunday!)

Nice young folk in the Duke

Mad old folk outside

Old folk causing a ructions

Old folk in the wee hours

The following Friday, in Grace's, Rathmines.

Musicians in Grace's

Mikey Joe getting ready to sing


Tony in the Pale, with Shay on banjo

Shane with Caruso, CD launch, Dame 4

December in the Pale.

Mick, Frank, Paddy, Derek

Tommy, Patrick

Patrick plays with group

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