Music Venues, October 2010.

O'Donoghue's - nurses night out.

Grace's - Megan singing.

Grace's Friday night session.

Grace's Friday night session.

Saturday night in O'Donoghue's - Eoin Hand singing.

Peter Grogan singing.

Geraldine from Galway singing.

Another great singer.

Dave, a woman from Bulgaria, and Owen.

A tango singer from Argentina, Nestor Rivera


Who went down very well with the audience.

Tango singer.

Tango singer.

In Café En Seine...

Where it looks like another session started!

Len Graham at the launch of his book on Joe Holmes, in the
Goilín session at the Teachers' Club. There's a review of the book here.

Singing the "Bonny Light Horseman".

A German visitor arrives early.


With Andy in the back room, singing St. James' Infirmary, I think.

With Georgi from Hawaii.

A stranger turns up at the Saturday session (it WAS Hallow'een).

Hauke on flute.


The owner of O'Donoghue's, Oliver Barden, outside.

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