Music Venues, July/August 2010.

(including photos from Ronan's Facebook page)

July, O'Donoghue's

Brian and friend in O'Donoghue's

Across the table

Roxy's "last night", heading to the Portobello after the Thursday night session.

Starting off the following Saturday in O'Donoghue's - Luke singing.

A Dub fan sings a couple of songs, accompanied by Daniel.

Roxy turns up out of the blue - flight was full.

As did Niall...

And joins in the session.

Then a German box-player turns up.

Finishing up in Cafe en Seine.

July, Bowe's

Uinsinn with Korean musicians.

July, Halfpenny Bridge Inn

Megan singing.

Megan again.

O'Donoghue's, August

Paul and Andy at the Thursday session.

The place was packed - Declan couldn't even get in.

Two women from Finland and Michael.

Daniel and Gail.

Dancing afterwards in Gogarty's - well, it was my birthday!

The following day - Ozzie in McNeill's.

The following day - Daniel singing.

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