O'Donoghue's, 12 February 2011.

Six Nations rugby championship - Ireland v France.

A French fan.

French rugby fans in O'Donoghue's.

French rugby fans singing Whiskey in the Jar, accompanied by Luke.

Preparing to dance a jig.

A Cavan man singing The Old Triangle.

Victor accompanying Geraldine singing Black is the Colour.

Two lads from Longford, accompanied by Andy.

A German visitor tries out the banjo, watched by Ronan and a chap from Leitrim.

Hauke joins in.

Ronan in good form.

Sabrina from Limerick joins the party.

Sabrina singing along with Hauke.

The place was starting to get really full...

And I was flagging.

A group of ladies from Cork came in, in full voice, and Tom joined in.

A full-blown sing-song ensued.

Two American visitors.

Having a quiet chat with Pat from Cork.

An American lady singing From Clare to Here.

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