St. Patrick's Day, Scruffy Murphy's, Lower Mount Street, Dublin,
featuring the "Liberty Ramblers"

17 March 2008

Don and Paddy waiting for the Republicans to finish their inpromptu "session". This was about 4:15.

Seán and Lynda helping Mairéad with the sound.
She was singing Spancil Hill. Later Seán sang Johnny I Hardly Knew You.

Derek and Rose chilling.

Tony on mandolin, Lynda on vocals.

Berni and Michael.

Frank was in great form--he sang two songs (one of them: Walking the Streets in the Rain).

Don adjusting the sound for Bernie's electric violin, which Tony kindly picked up.
This was around 6:00.

The sound must have been OK--she looks happy enough...

Paddy's neighbour John, and behind him some of the guest singers.

Jo and friends.

Jo and Joe.

Joe and friend, and behind them the mysterious harmonica player.

Susan arrived over from the Nash's session at 7:30 and
did a great rendition of The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

Mary and her sisters--she came all the way from Cavan.

A few hours later Chris returned and cranked up the tempo--here he's accompanying Paddy.

Jo and Seán swaying to the music.

Jo and Chris, and behind them Michael, just after finishing up at 1:00 am. It was a long day!

Thanks to Jo for taking the photos, and thanks to everyone who came along to make it a great day!

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