Naples, Christmas 2008.

The University - always anti-Fascist.

Entrance to the museum of Sansevero.

Nearby street.

Lunch at Piazza San Domenico Maggiore.

Poster advertizing an exhibition of Neapolitan cribs.

Christmas shoppers.

An old Christmas card.

Christmas Eve: Crowds outside the Pizzeria da Michele, one of the most popular in the city.

A shop selling cribs.


The train station at Mergellina.

The church at Mergellina.

Ferral cats, Vesuvius in the background.

The marina.

Casa Sant'Anna.

A closer look at Casa Sant'Anna.


Where Garibaldi lived when in Naples.

Returning in the rain to the hotel on Christmas Eve.

San Lorenzo.


A Fascist war memorial.

Piazza Dante.

Castello Nuovo.

Christmas tree covered with requests from passers-by.


More books.

Piazza Trieste e Trento.

Queen Margarita and the pizza named after her.

Piazza dei Marteiri.

Road to the sea-front.

Irish pub.

Villa Pignatelli (now an art gallery).

An interesting church.

The National Archaeological Museum.

Newspaper showing how the standard of living in Naples was decreasing.

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